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Scoring opportunity: Another word for hoop. The basic action is a stutter step in which the dribbler momentarily slows his or her pace and speed. A shot that is released after the shooter has jumped into the air. Again, what does plus/minus mean in basketball? Over-and-back violation: Ball handler: Guarding: Squaring up: Instead of an individual statistic, though, we think it should be viewed in the context of lineups. hoop phrase. Speaking of Steph Curry, he owns three of the five highest +/- seasons in the NBA. To give hoops or a hoop job - I gave Sally some hoops last night and she went wild by Hoopmaster September 25, 2009 when two players are guarding one opposing player. Securing a majority of the rebounds. such a band for holding together the staves of a cask, tub, etc. hoop: Meaning and Definition of. 2 boundary lines that run the length of the court. Learn more. I also need to recommend Coach Turner’s Hoops Terms Compendium where you will find nearly 500 terms and definitions — from the ‘normal’ basketball terms to the slang expressions! Anything above that, we’re looking at a Hall of Fame shoo-in. ... (North American English, informal) the game of basketball. He has been a huge basketball fan for decades, watching thousands of basketball games through the years to learn the ins and outs of the game. An imaginary area outside either side of the foul lane at the elbow / free-throw line extended area. Dunk: A made basket from a distance greater than 19 feet and nine inches during a high school or college game. Established position: Fastbreak: A made 3-point field goal in which the shooter was fouled, followed by a successful free-throw. The offensive player stands with knees flexed, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, and both hands on the basketball. The direction a team on offense moves, from its backcourt into its frontcourt and towards its own basket. Pick and Roll: What do they mean when a player finishes a game with Plus 19 , compared to another on Plus 6 ? Straightforwardly, the +/- exposes “empty stats.”. May also be referred to as the ‘strong side’. The person fouled shoots one free throw; if successful, the shooter takes a second shot. An imaginary line drawn from the free-throw line to the sideline to determine the location for certain plays. As the NBA Finals are going on, last night LeBron and Kyrie gave a 1-2 punch. Half-court or set offense: A deceptive move to throw a defender off balance and allow an offensive player to shoot or receive a pass; players use their eyes, head or any other part of the body to trick an opponent. The ability to get even an inaccurate shot to bounce lightly off the rim and into the basket. In the January 1, 2020 game against the Lakers, Booker had 32 points and seven assists, shooting a decent 47% from the floor and 90% from the line (9-for-10). What is a 1-2 Punch? A player who can play both the guard and forward positions. Gardeners use hoops to support plants, and many people wear hoops around their wrists as bracelets. A basket scored on any shot other than a free throw, worth two or three points depending on the distance of the attempt from the basket. A metaphor for different aspects of … Used to determine which team’s turn it is to inbounds the ball to begin a period or in a held ball situation. A basketball game reflects different aspects of your personality or life that are at odds over influential choices. A pass that immediately precedes and sets up a scored basket. The shift from offense to defense, and vice versa. Talking about positive impact, naturally, a player with a positive +/- is an asset to the team. Summary of Key Points "Basketball (as HOOPS)" is the most common definition for HOOP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Free-throw lane: Double team: The half of the court that is opposite a team’s offensive basket; the court a team is attempting to defend. A personal foul committed when an offensive player illegally contacts a defensive player who has established position or is stationary. Inside shooting: Find more ways to say hoop, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A player’s attempt to position his body between his opponent and the basket to get rebounds and prevent the opponents from doing so. Like on Facebook The referees who control the game, stop and start play, and impose penalties for violations and fouls. Pronunciation: (hp, hoop), — n. a circular band or ring of metal, wood, or other stiff material. You might also hear it stated as simply ‘double’. Formerly called a “jump ball.” When two players on opposite teams are in joint control of the ball. The circular area at midcourt from which jump balls are taken. Overtime: What a scrub, right? Any of the rings of whalebone, steel, etc. The highest +/- recorded in an NBA game happened on Nov. 22, 2017, when Luc Richard Mbah a Moute had a +57 for Houston against the Denver Nuggets. Each personal foul committed by a player is also counted against his team; when a team goes over the limit, its opponent is awarded free-throw opportunities. Substitute: Press: Anyone who does below +5 but still at a positive rate can be a starter in the league, while players who net a negative plus/minus are replacement level bench players at best. (Definition of hoop from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © … Perimeter: … [Read More...], Follow on Twitter Let’s take, for example, Devin Booker. To be holding or in control of the ball. Quadruple double: This status is very dependent on many factors, but over time can be useful in seeing how various teammates play together. And while we can readily see that the best players are typically the leaders in plus/minus, it’s worthy to note that the single-season leaders point out to its limitations as well. At Johnson Motors, we make it easy for you. A shot that is less likely to go in the basket, such as one thrown by a player who is off balance or outside his shooting range. Loose ball: 1. horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball Familiarity information: BASKETBALL HOOP used as a noun is very rare. The score is now 3-0. When a player gets open for a shot that is likely to score. Also called “palming;” a violation committed by a dribbler that involves placing the dribbling hand under the ball and momentarily holding or carrying it while dribbling. When an offensive player, with or without the ball, is able to get past an opponent who is guarding him. 1. a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop Familiarity information: HOOPS used as a noun is very rare. Cylinder: A shot taken close to the basket that is usually banked off the backboard towards the basket. Coach Turner has put together a fantastic resource! A shot that is likely to go in the basket, such as a layup. A made 2-point field goal in which the shooter was fouled, followed by a successful free-throw. How do you calculate those points ? The stat was pioneered by the Montreal Canadiens of the NFL in the 50s and teams followed suit after that. Many successful people carry the mantra “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. An offensive strategy in which a team attempts to move the ball downcourt and into scoring position as quickly as possible so that the defense is outnumbered and does not have time to set up. Shooting range: An aggressive defense that attempts to force the opponents to make errors by guarding them closely from either half court, three-quarter court or full court. Upset: It would not be an exaggeration to point out that Battier made the whole thing click. An offensive position played close to the basket along the key. A situation in which two opponents commit a foul against each other simultaneously. Violation: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A 12-foot-long line that is parallel to and 15 feet from the backboard. That’s good, right? A dribble in which the ball is moved from one hand to the other while the dribbler changes directions. He has been a huge basketball fan for decades, watching thousands of basketball games through the years to learn the ins and outs of the game. An offensive position played by a guard who usually brings the ball up the court and initiates the offense. Have you ever scoured a box score, noticed something in the far right column that says +/-, and wondered what it meant? Casual fans may know of traditional stats (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc.) So, how does plus/minus evaluate players? Overhead pass: Sixth man: Hoops Addict was created to help basketball fans of all ages learn more about the sport and find the best basketball gear to improve their ability to hoop. Held ball: One of a pair of small bands that hold material taut for embroidery work. Court vision: An offensive position played to the sides of the basket near the key area and out toward the sideline along the baseline. It would be wrong to conclude that Player A with the +30 rating did all the hard work for the team. Traveling: Leave a Comment, A basketball coach ... a great basketball coach ... will certainly have many great qualities. That means, all five Bucks on the floor have a plus-minus of +3; conversely, all Lakers players have a +/- of -3. In the paint: just on rules and what you can or can not do and anything else that would really help thanks for you comment it helped too. Miami ended up blowing out Chicago, 115-78. From Middle English hoop, hoope, from Old English hōp (“mound, raised land; in combination, circular object”), from Proto-Germanic *hōpą (“bend, bow, arch”) (compare Saterland Frisian Houp (“hoop”), Dutch hoep (“hoop”), Old Norse hóp (“bay, inlet”)), from Proto-Indo-European *kāb- (“to b… In that sport, it is called goal differential. It’s also often called a ‘trap’. Triple Threat Position: Shot clock: Coming from the simple BPM stat, basketball statheads have come up with other +/- metrics such as the DPM (Defensive Plus/Minus), ADM (Adjusted Plus/Minus), RPM (Real Plus/Minus) and more. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples And it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before all of the other five will be there as well. Post: basketball hoop - horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball basket , hoop basketball equipment - … To see a basketball in your dream suggests that you need to make the first move. Free-throw line: Period: A player who takes a shot at the basket. Elbow: Also called the “free-throw lane” or “lane;” the area measuring 12 feet in width and extending from the free-throw line to the end line. It’s the only legal means by which a single player may move the ball across the court. When a player is subbed out, his plus/minus rating stops and continues when he is subbed in again. Outside shooting: A ball that is alive but not in the possession of either team. Run: The imaginary area directly above the basket where goaltending or basket interference can occur. Passer: In the NBA, it was in the 2007-08 season when plus/minus was officially shown in the box score although it was already tracked by 1973. Foul (also referred to as ‘personal foul’): The hoop is also designed to help support a dunk, as is the weight in the 34-gallon base. A defensive tactic in which a team guards the opponents closely the full length of the court. Basketball mean. However, it is noted that more players are below-average than above-average, mainly because of playing time. A loss of possession of the ball by means of an error or violation. Zone offense: Point guard: Rebound: Weakside: Well, admittedly, basketball is a game measured by dozens of different stats. So, one use of the +/- stat is to find effective lineups, one that meshes and plays well together. Definition of hoop noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. A clock that limits the time a team with the ball has to shoot it; 24 seconds in the NBA; in college, 35 seconds for men, 30 seconds for women. Who Had the Highest Plus/Minus in NBA History? As we all can see, the guys who had the highest plus-minus in NBA history are also some of the best to ever play the game. Cut: Depends on who “they” is. Shots taken by a player near or under the basket. A violation in which an offensive player remains within the key for more than three seconds at a time. Hoop - definition of hoop by The Free Dictionary. What do the lines under the scores in high school. Battier’s +/- was off the charts, but he was on the floor with some combination of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James, who all had plus/minuses of +31, +26 and +25, respectively. Dictionary entry overview: What does hoops mean? all-seater. A quick dribble directly to the basket in an effort to score. A hoop is a ring or circle made of some stiff material. When a defensive player has both feet firmly planted on the floor before an offensive player’s head and shoulder get past him; the offensive player who runs into such a defender is charging. Team fouls: • HOOPS (noun) The noun HOOPS has 1 sense:. Full–court press: You lose points for turnovers, fouls, etc. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content. Bounce pass: If that’s the case, then that particular 20 PPG scorer is a net negative. Level I Basketball Coaching Development Course, Level II Basketball Coaching Development Course, Level III Basketball Coaching Development Course, Bob Knight on Coaching Your Players to Be Better. The procedure for starting play at the beginning of a game or an overtime period. Also referred to as Blocking out. Lower percentage shot: A violation that occurs when a player dribbles the ball with two hands simultaneously or stops dribbling and then dribbles again. What does hoop expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Jump shot: If successful, the shot counts one point. A violation resulting from illegal contact with an opposing player. The successful deflection of a shot by touching part of the ball on its way to the basket, thereby preventing a field goal. If he plays terrible defense, always missing assignments and rotations, the 20 PPG scorer could easily give up as much or even more than the 20 he’s contributing! ‘The other good bit of news is that the family that is buying our house does want to keep the basketball hoop in the back yard.’ ‘But when I got there and saw the basketball hoops, it reminded me of the times when my friends Darlene, Lana and I used to play together.’ ‘I jumped up high and the basketball slammed through the hoop.’ How? Not so fast! A triple double with double-digits scored in 4 categories. When you’re on the court, we only outscored them by 3. Sidelines: Anything like a hoop. Backcourt: What does that all say? Synonyms and related words. Free throw: You also need to concentrate and focus on your goals. Shooter: A pass that strikes the floor before it reaches the receiver. You can try to toss a basketball through a hoop, wear gold hoops as earrings, or sport an old fashioned hoop skirt, a flexible band that widens a petticoat and the skirt covering it. The perceivable difference is Curry played 76 games in 2016-17 while Green played 81 games in 2015-16. While Green had the highest total +/- in a season, his teammate, two-time MVP Steph Curry has the highest +/- per 48 minutes throughout the season. Connect on LinkedIn. So, is plus-minus a good stat for the NBA? Intentional foul: Chest pass: An intentional throw to a teammate. basketball hoops definition in English dictionary, basketball hoops meaning, synonyms, see also 'baseball',basket',basketful',bask'. This happened in 2015-16, Golden State’sState’s 73-win season. Controlling the boards: Double foul: It is exclusively based on the box score, and there is no way to tell the context of what a player did to have that contribution. Fake or feint: The +/- revealed that the Suns were outscored by 13 points in the 37 minutes Booker was on the floor. Triple double: Offense: A two-handed pass thrown from above the forehead. In basketball, a player may score 20 points a night, but that does not tell the whole story. This emoji can be sent on Facebook Messenger to unlock a hidden basketball game. If you are looking for a term that’s not here, contact us and let us know. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to get a car loan. Double dribble: Turnover: The distance from which a player is likely to make his shots. But, he also happens to play with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in all of those seasons. An unguarded shot taken from behind the free-throw line after a foul. When a player scores double-digits in 2 categories during one game (points, assists and rebounds are most common, but it can also be blocks or steals); a sign of great versatility. For example, you get a point or points for each point scored, for each rebound, block, etc. Pass: Explore Thesaurus . It’s the Bucks leading, 3-2. Now, it’s Lakers ball. When a team takes the time to develop a play in its frontcourt, such as the give-and-go or a screening play; opposite of fast break. What’s more is that it also reveals what we call “empty stats,” stats that look good on paper, but the player contributing those are actually a detriment to the overall score of the team. ... the game of basketball. Out of bounds: Blocked shot: If you do want to have an impact on your team, make sure your plus/minus is at the positive, because you can bet on it, your coach knows about that. High percentage shot: Now, all players are assumed to have a starting plus/minus of zero. From this position, the offensive player can either shoot, dribble, or pass to a teammate … thereby being a ‘triple threat’ with the basketball. Many have that similar experience. The half of the court from the middle to the sideline opposite to where the ball is currently located. It shows impact (and non-impact) players, ones that contribute directly to the team’s performance on the court (and the ones that hurt you). Jump ball: A rebound of an opponent’s missed shot. Free-throw line extended: Inbounds: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The second-highest plus/minus is +52 by Joe Smith. Wrapping Things Up: Plus/Minus in Basketball. Generally, a plus/minus of +5 can already be seen as an All-Star level player. What, again, is the plus/minus statistic? Not clear enough? Hoop - Idioms by The Free Dictionary ... NBA star Kevin Garnett sports management and experiential company to own and operate iconic sports tournaments such as Hoop It Up basketball and Kick It soccer. Basketball hoop definition: Basketball is a game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Ball Side: When a higher-seeded (better) team loses to a lower-seeded (inferior) one. Of course, there are also limitations to the +/- stat. Occurs whenever the whistle blows to stop play and after a field goal, but before the opponent gains possession of the ball. February 26, 2020 By Hoops U. In the “key” area, so named because this area of the floor is painted. The result is the Plus/Minus stats of a player in the entire game. The number of points scored during a game from players that began the game on the bench. Possession arrow: Using the +/- stat, it can also be determined what the best three, four, or five-man lineups are for every team. Use this resource to learn Basketball Rules, Terminology and Definitions categorized in alphabetical order. If you are looking for a term that’s not here, contact us and let us know. While individual players have a different +/- rating, the stat is influenced by the whole team, and how the team performs offensively and defensively. LeBron James runs pick and roll with Anthony Davis; AD slips the screen and LeBron threw the lob for an easy score. Also called the “pivot player;” an offensive position typically played by a tall player who plays mainly in the key areas (at the post). Follow on YouTube This could not be more true. So, what does +/- mean in basketball? In this video, Coach DeHaven shares … [Read More...], February 18, 2020 By Hoops U. Great achievement is almost always a … [Read More...], November 17, 2019 By Breakthrough Basketball Leave a Comment, Author: Ryan Thomas Ten-second line: How to use hoop in a sentence. If you look at Booker’s +/-, Phoenix was outscored by 13 in the time he was on the floor. The other way that is sometimes mentioned is for when a player is on the court and how his team performs vs. opponent. I do notice that in the NCAA tournament games, the lines under the team name on the tv refer to the timeouts (each dash is equal to a timeout). Before we go into the highest plus/minus in the history of the NBA, let’s have some random +/- notes first: Highest Plus/Minus in NBA History (All-time): Highest Plus/Minus in NBA History (Total for a single season): As you can see, half of the all-time plus/minus leaders are already in the Hall of Fame. Timeout: If a player gets meaningful playing time, his +/- is expected to go up. A player who comes into the game to replace a player on the court. The mid-court line over which the offensive team must advance the ball from the backcourt within 10 seconds to avoid a violation. Blocking: Center: Defensive rebound: An infringement of the rules that’s not a foul. Technical foul: Jump stop: All who wear purple and gold during this time have a plus/minus of -1. All points scored by non-starters. Use this resource to learn Basketball Rules, Terminology and Definitions categorized in alphabetical order. The rectangular or fan-shaped board behind the basket. Defense: In Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2013 against Chicago, Battier had 3 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, and a steal for the Miami Heat. Shows how much time remains in each quarters or halves of games. ohhhh are you meaning like free throws . The penalty for a violation is the awarding of the ball to the opponent. The use of a defender’s body position to illegally prevent an opponent’s advance; the opposite of charging. Example…when I’m on the court, we outscored opponent by 15. A violation occurring when a player with the ball takes a step without dribbling (moving the established pivot foot). LeBron James, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant are probably on their way, if not, are there already. Hoop definition: A hoop is a large ring made of wood, metal, or plastic. Key: Called double ___________(double team?, double up??? To dream of basketball represents a struggle to use power to achieve goals or control a situation. basketball hoop: 1 n horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball Synonyms: basket , hoop Type of: basketball equipment sports equipment used in playing basketball goal game equipment consisting of the place toward which players of a game try to advance a ball or puck in order to score points Coach Knight, in the video below, offers one method of building some basketball … [Read More...], November 21, 2019 By Breakthrough Basketball Leave a Comment, Author: Ryan Thomas He played junior college hoops in California. The Plus/Minus determines how well the team performs when an individual player is on the court. That is why coaches love pointing at the +/- stat in their evaluation of which players have a positive impact when given playing time. Boxing out: Looking for term double ? A player’s ability to see everything on the court during play — such as where his teammates and defenders are set up — which enables him to make better choices in passing; the best players possess this trait. There was a game where he scored 30 plus on New Year’s day against the Lakers, but the Suns lost by 10. Wrong. A team defense in which each player is assigned to guard a particular opponent. Beat the defender: Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Forward: Bank shot: However, it also exposed a hole in Booker’s overall statistics. Also called the “key” or “lane;” a 12-foot wide area extending from the baseline to the free-throw line. Anything above +5 is worthy of a star or superstar status, and anything in the +1 to +3 is starter level.

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