pJWG Background

Scope: As a joint working group of the ASC and the AfSC, JWG devotes its endeavor to the internationally cooperative research on the fundamental physical problems associated with seismic hazard assessment (SHA), promoting the implementation and improvements of neo-deterministic SHA (NDSHA) in Asia and Africa and related comparative studies. In a long-term JWG is working towards an interactive toolbox for NDSHA, an open access database of NDSHA, and a unified regional/global NDSHA, as well as related international standards. JWG promotes the contribution of seismic disaster reduction towards integration of NDSHA in standard procedures of seismic risk assessment (Hazard x Vulnerability x Exposure) through communication with end users such as insurance companies and governmental agencies.


Slogan: More reliable physics in seismic hazard assessment (SHA) for disaster risk reduction (DRR) (More reliable physics in SHA for DRR)


NDSHA literatures: NDSHA literatures